The Australian Dental Foundation Inc's ‘My School Dentist’ program is a FREE* mobile dental program that delivers oral health care and education for students at kindergartens and schools across South Australia and Victoria.

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Other Services

Mouth Guard Sponsorship Program

When playing contact sports a well-fitting mouth guard is crucial to protect your jaw, teeth, lips, cheek and tongue. We recommend laminate sports mouth guards as they are extremely effective in preventing facial and dental injury.

Our player sponsorship program provides professionally fitted, custom-made, laminate sports mouthguards to all school and club team players at significantly reduced costs.

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Children with Disabilities

Our program can provide examination, dental treatment and maintenance for children with physical and intellectual disabilities, to ensure they maintain optimal oral health. We have access to either IV Sedation or General Anaesthetic Dentistry at Local Hospitals for special needs patients, and can train parents and carers in dental disease prevention and home care.

To keep out of pocket costs down, the ADF offers FREE* mobile dental assessment and treatment services for eligible children with physical and intellectual disabilities (aged 2 – 17 years of age if their school/site partners with our program). Our staff have the relevant professional training, police clearances and the equipment required to work with special needs patients.

Treatments Offered by Partner Clinics

During the appointment, we will perform a general examination of your child’s oral health, and where relevant, recommend treatment tailored to their needs, which may not be able to be performed in a mobile setting.

Most treatments recommended can be performed at a Australian Dental Foundation partner clinic by a dental professional with minimal out of pocket expense.